Earring Care

  • Store your earrings separately from your other jewelry pieces to avoid scratching in a cool, dry place.

  • Do not bend your earrings

  • Put your earrings on after you apply creams and oils, makeup, and perfumes to your skin

  • Do not wear your earrings while swimming or showering

  • Do not leave your earrings laying out in the sun

  • If any light smudges on your earrings occur (we’re looking at you, foundation + bronzer!) you can clean them with a soft cloth or a q-tip with soap and water, makeup wipe or baby wipe. If your earrings have a matte surface, you can use a rubbing alcohol wipe if needed. Do NOT use jewelry cleaner or chemicals on your polymer clay pieces, though you may use this on the gold hardware, if necessary. Polish as needed.

  • Though the earrings are durable, they can still be damaged if mishandled or improperly stored. Treat your new portable art pieces with love + care. Thank you for shopping small!